The Shepherd’s Studios was built in 2005/6.
The original dwelling on this block was built circa 1950 by a Scottish couple, Mr and Mrs Goldfinch, who emigrated here after the 2nd world war. The house was the last one at the end of Dorman St by Little Stony Creek. (Little Colac we were called then, the unfashionable end of town the dirt road did not travel over the creek and up the hill at that time).
The original cottage was called DALGETY after a loved home or region they had left behind. This cottage was built from marine glaze coated Cyprus pine, asbestos roof, with Tasmanian oak hardwood floors and fittings. The dwelling perched on cement piers along the creek side and the gully embankment on the other. It was possible to park 2 cars underneath. The ceiling was a blushing pink throughout and walls doors and cupboards a mash of typical 50’s décor colours. The curtains, also predominantly pink and brown of a Europe-China floral jungle appearance in coarce linen/cotton fabric adorned windows throughout. A bright pink Laura Lee climbing rose twined up to the balcony from the foot of the ascending steps. English lavender, hydrangeas, geraniums and palagonia flourished on the other side and 6 fruit trees including pear, apple and apricot bore fruit annually in the garden below. One of these, a plumb tree stump with a couple of sprouts survived and was transplanted to the south side of the house/carport and continues to produce fruit. A Dunny adorned the back yard – I don’t remember a nightman!
Inclusive in the sale in1962 was the furniture. (The old couple were homesick and had decided to return home). A nest of three 1950s U tables still survives in the home today and have been restored to their former glory. My sister has the Arts & Crafts hand carved occasional table and two of the hardwood oak bridge chairs with tapestry upholstery were last seen in the Kooringa woolshed! A large pink fabric upholstered fold down to double 50’s bed/couch was constantly in use but vanished in latter years when a disreputable chain of, first teachers, then chefs, waiters, hanger’s on, dogs and cats frequented the house.
The floors were selvedged when the cottage was pulled down in 2004 and rebuilt into the upper level floor of Shepherd’s Rest for posterity. The original Hills Hoist cloths-line is still in regular use out the back – this was saved and shifted farther back on the block after the excavations were made for The Shepherd’s Rest and Studios in 2005.
Garry and I found that two into one was not working when it came to sharing the office. In 2008 Garry designed and built his larger office and store room on top of the carport.
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